Join the Platform

Connect with clinicians around the world to build a scalable AI validation and second-opinion network.

Make an impact

Collective Good is a social enterprise focused on improving the quality and access of healthcare through digitally-enabled networks. 

AI applications are being deployed in healthcare at a rapid pace, but we know they may have biases.  Our network enables clinicians to be a part of the AI validation cycle.  

As we grow, our platform will incorporate submissions from middle-income country partners to improve the quality of primary care diagnostics in under-resourced communities.   

On your own time

Review cases in your down time. Crowd wisdom is optimized for rapid review.

Hone your skills

Individualized feedback on inputs vs the consensus and the integration of known-truth evaluation cases support skills enhancement

Earn while you learn

Earn charity donations or Continuing Medical Education credits for your review efforts.

Donations can be directed to a charity of your choice. 


Global Reach

Increase the quality of care abroad, from your home.  

Out platform cooperates with agencies in Africa and South Asia to supplement informal, potentially harmful, primary care diagnostics.