Trust your Triage Symptom Checker Imaging Screener Decision Support AI?

Introducing SAIF™

Crowdsourced Clinical Validation Platform

Our platform harnesses collective clinical intelligence to power medical AI testing and validation


Assessment Design and Preparation

Collective Good conducts onboarding interviews to understand client AI output goals. Testing dimensions and methods are tailored to each engagement.

Datasets are created for crowd intelligence testing (historical cases) and AI bias reviews (mystery shopping).


Parallel Testing

Crowd Review

Collective Good administers crowd review trials on its clinician-powered SAIF™ platform.

AI Review

Collective Good submits mystery shopping cases to AI workflows to assess bias and accuracy.


Assessment Design and Preparation

Crowdsourced feedback is run through the SAIF™ aggregation engine to create initial consensus measures.

AI outcomes are reviewed against bias checks.


Assessment Design and Preparation

Our report will assess key model metrics such as efficacy, safety, and bias. Ongoing monitoring signals can be provided. SAIF™ accreditation for ethical AI awarded appropriately.

Our Assessment Criteria Conforms to WHO Principles on Ethical AI


Ensuring human oversight in applied processes

Human Safety

Ensuring output medical opinions do not cause patient harm


Un-packing the black-box models for better user understanding


Assessing clear chain of responsibility for use


Training data commonly contains biases – we identify anomalies and advise on mitigation


Reviewing model update procedures and defining a recurring certification schedule

We can validate the following AI models

Path 3

Primary Care

  • Symptom checkers
  • Triage tools
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Predictive analytics
  • Virtual assistants
Group 16


Medical imaging analysis tools

Group 17


Clinical Decision Support

Group 18

Chronic Care

  • Diagnostic tools
  • Incident Reporting
  • Personalized medicine
Group 19


  • Drug discovery
  • Genetics
  • Security + compliance

Our Services

AI Audit


  • 12-week engagement
  • Comprehensive report
  • Bi-annual review

SAIF™ Accreditation

Set-up fee + monthly subscription

  • 12-month minimum
  • Ongoing monitoring of case samples
  • Continuous improvement recommendations

AI Training Data

License fee

CG verified database of case records made available for AI training purposes

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